This father shows that one needs to be focused when you have twin babies. At the same time have good reflexes, if not, your babies will be wandering around the house only in diapers.

You also need to be serene, calm and in control to face all difficulties. You have to be a very responsible father especially if you have been blessed with twins.

Normally it takes two people to dress the babies. But for some reasons, dad had to do it alone this time.

Babies need to get dressed, but as soon as he starts dressing one of his daughters, the other quickly runs away.

Before she reaches the door, he brings her back and proceeds to put her clothes on.

When he returns to pay attention to the other twin, the other leaves with her clothes unbuttoned.

After a great effort, finally, the work is done.

Watch this funny video below.

Source: Video Credit: Facebook | Daily Viral Stories.

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